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Wal-Mart wall walks the talk of slogan “Save Money. Live Better.”

October 10, 2014

Wal Mart 1

Wal-Mart had purchased an old Lowe's building near Milwaukee, WI, that backed onto a residential neighborhood. They wanted to be good neighbors coming into the community and decided to provide a sound barrier to protect the residents from their loading dock noise and traffic. 

Wal-Mart saves money. Residents live better. 

Choosing lightweight, easy-to-install AIL Sound Walls meant Wal-Mart saved money over various concrete or metal alternatives. They saved on material, installation and maintenance. Plus, their neighbors got an attractive and safe sound barrier with little disruption to their yards. 

We say “safe” because Wal-Mart had safety issues in the past with degraded concrete or metal structures. In one instance, a large concrete panel actually fell into a neighbor’s yard.

Perfect for a tight-space installation

The narrow loading area behind the store is tight against the neighbors’ backyards with no room to use the large lifting equipment typically required for heavier systems. Our Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) system is easily installed in tight jobsites with only light lifting equipment, which meant less disruption to the neighbors’ yards or the store’s deliveries.

Wal Mart 2

Collaboration through the entire project cycle

We assisted the consultant early in the project to make sure the project came in under budget. In addition, our engineering department worked closely with them to design the barrier to meet the local municipality’s requirements. Our fabricated steel posts and PVC Tuf-Barrier panels were produced within a couple of weeks to keep the project on schedule.    

The sound of satisfaction

We've received positive feedback from all the neighbors for the look of the wall and how quiet it's been since the installation. Wal-Mart and the contractors have also been pleased with the timely fashion we were able to design and supply the wall and have it installed by the fencing contractor.

Our fifth installation for Wal-Mart
This is our fifth project with Wal-Mart in the past couple of years and they've continued to use AIL as their sound barrier of choice for a long-lasting, maintenance-free system that gives them and their neighbors peace-of-mind and a quiet environment.

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Project Name: Brown Deer, WI, Wal-Mart 
Location: Milwaukee, WI 

Owner: Wal-Mart  
Consultant: Manhard Consulting, Ltd. 
Subcontractor: Patriot Fence and Construction LLC. 
General Contractor: Corporate Construction, Ltd. 
Product: Tuf-Barrier (Reflective)

Application: Store Perimeter Barrier for Loading Docks 
Dimensions: 12' x 230'

Installation Time: 1.5 weeks