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Vertical panels lend traditional look to Oakville, Ontario sound barriers

October 21, 2016


Only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, the picturesque Town of Oakville is one of the most affluent communities in Canada — the perfect setting for AIL Sound Walls to take on a more traditional fence aesthetic with vertical panels.

Not their first AIL Sound Wall
Evidently, The Town of Oakville was very happy with the performance of the AIL Sound Walls we supplied several years ago, because they actually specified our product in a tender call this time around. 

Our Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) solution, in Grey, was selected to keep the roadway noise away from the residents. The project was to remove existing fencing and install new sound barriers in two phases of 355 and 405 meters, respectively. 

Possibly the third generation of fencing at this location 
Installers from Imperial Fence, the contractor on this project, faced the challenge of difficult digging terrain with lots of obstructions below ground. They came across a lot of old fence post concrete bases and estimated our wall to be the third one installed in this area. 


To help keep the project on schedule, we delivered the posts to site before the panels, instead of sending all as one load. This required quick fabrication of the posts through our AIL Group sister company, Algonquin Bridge.


The AIL Sound Walls were able to be installed on the narrow sites with limited disruption to existing landscaping and, due to their durable PVC construction, that landscaping can now mature undisturbed for many decades to come.

Project at a glance:

Name: Sherwood Heights Drive
Location: Oakville, ON
Owner: Town of Oakville  
Engineer: IRC Building Sciences Group  
Contractor: Imperial Fence  
Product: Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) installed vertically
Application: Roadway noise barrier for residences
Phase One Dimensions: Length 355 m, Height 2 m
Phase Two Dimensions: Length 405 m, Height 2 m,
Installation Time: Two months for each Phase, including demolition of existing walls and foundations