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Swift enclosure keeps big data center from making big noise

January 29, 2016


Swift Transportation, one of the largest freight carriers in the US, expanded their data center at their headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. However, the equipment required to run their data center is adjacent to their offices and generates a lot of unwanted noise. An aesthetically-pleasing sound barrier was needed to keep their workplace quiet.  

Previous data center experience was an asset
Having previously teamed-up with us on another large data center project in Toronto, Pacific Design Group (the architect) knew that versatile AIL Sound Walls were the best choice for the job.

PVC panels proven in all climates
Swift was initially concerned that the Arizona heat would impact our PVC panels, but our installations in Florida, Georgia, Texas and California proved how well our durable panels are designed to withstand all climates.  

Complex shape with access gates
Following the contours of the building, the equipment yard’s irregular shape required several turns in the walls. Not a problem for nimble AIL Sound Walls.


Working closely with architect and acoustics consultant
We worked closely with Pacific Design Group and Sound Solutions (the acoustical consultant) on the layout of the barrier. Several revisions to our system were made to meet the changing needs of the project. Two additional wall sections were added and the height was increased to optimize the sound mitigation. Two access gates were made from the same Silent Protector panels which maintained the acoustic performance of the wall.

Post-project comments from Swift, PDG and Data Specialties (the contractor) confirm that they are very happy with the enclosure’s performance and that the project roll-out was, indeed, very swift.


Project name: Swift Transportation Equipment Surround
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Owner: Swift Transportation   
Acoustical Engineer: Noise Experts
Architect: Pacific Design Group  
Contractor: Data Specialties, Inc
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Silent-Protector (Absorptive) 
Application: Data Center Equipment Surround
Dimensions: 12' tall, 185' long (four-sided perimeter)
Installation time: Two weeks

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