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Structure-mounted AIL Sound Wall finds its happy place in Louisville, KY

October 10, 2014

3 Kentucky SW 1 web

By the sound of it, all parties are happy with a new Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) sound barrier wall  system along a stretch of the I-264 in Louisville, as part of a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet upgrade.

  • Neighboring residents are happy they can enjoy their yards, decks and patios.
  • Motorists are happy it was installed very quickly with limited traffic interruption.
  • The contractor is happy it was so easy to install with light equipment.
  • The owner is so happy that they used AIL Sound Walls on another I-264 project. 
  • AIL Sound Walls is just happy that all of the above are happy.

All of this happiness didn’t just happen by mere happenstance. It all relates back to the amazing benefits of this lightweight PVC system that are quickly stacking up against its heavier and less durable competitors.

3 Kentucky SW 2 web

Mounted to existing concrete barriers

This project had existing concrete barriers that were not designed to carry the heavy loads of a traditional precast concrete sound barrier system. Our lightweight Tuf-Barrier system was preferred as it added minimal load to the existing barrier and avoided the expense and hassle of replacement. We designed a cost-effective attachment to connect our posts to it.

3 Kentucky SW 3 web

AIL Sound Walls are fulfilling a growing need in structure-mounted applications for a quality lightweight system that's easily mounted to existing barriers, bridges and MSE retaining walls.

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Project Name: I-264 at Breckenridge Lane to I-64 - Lightweight Sound Barrier
Location: Louisville, KY
Owner/Engineer: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - District #5
General Contractor: Louisville Paving
Sub-contractor: Civil Constructors
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Tuf-Barrier (Reflective)
Application: Lightweight, structure-mounted sound barrier wall
Dimensions: 6'-10' tall x 2,100' long
Installation Time: Three weeks