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Silent-Protector Plus keeps pumps peaceful in San Antonio

October 19, 2016


When the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) needed to upgrade and expand their Evans Road Booster Station, a preliminary noise analysis of the new equipment confirmed that a high performance sound barrier would be needed to mitigate unwanted noise for the neighbors. A Silent Protector Plus solution from AIL Sound Walls was the preferred choice.

AIL Sound Walls — leading by example
AIL Sound Walls are getting noticed as industry leaders for many different reasons — design flexibility, lower installed cost and impressive Sound Transmission Class and Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings. In this case, they were cited as examples in the SAWS tendering process. The winning contractor used AIL Sound Walls in their bid and the design flexibility of our system paid off in a simplified installation.

Design flexibility simplifies installation
Our Direct-Bury footing method was able to accommodate the complexities of a high rock layer along with several buried pipes and utilities. The project also required an access door, integrated security lighting and a full-closure curb attachment at the bottom — no problem for versatile AIL Sound Walls.


A collaborative approach ensures a positive outcome
Time invested on the front end of the project with the Consultant, Merrick & Company, ensured our design met the requirements. Our prompt design, drawings, fabrication/production and delivery kept MGC Contractors on their tight schedule and ensured the project was a success. Positive feedback was received from both SAWS and MGC on the install.

Project at a glance

Name: SAWS Evans Road Booster Station
Location: San Antonio, TX
Owner: San Antonio Water System 
Engineer: Merrick & Company 
Contractor: MGC Contractors  
Product: Silent Protector Plus
Application: Water/Wastewater - Pump Station
Dimensions: Height 20', Length 122'
Installation Time: Two weeks