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Second generator enclosure for Idaho water facility

April 18, 2017


The AIL Sound Walls team was back in Boise recently to design and supply a second generator enclosure for Suez Water (formerly United Water). Suez was very happy with a smaller generator barrier we provided last year so they were quick to specify us on this larger one for their Quail Ridge Booster Station project.

Tricky site, adjacent to block retaining wall 
It was a tricky site to work on as the generator pad was sitting up against a block retaining wall on two sides. We worked closely with the owner and their consultant, SPF Water Engineering, to adjust our layout design to snug up to the block walls. 

We also had to work around the generator's clearances and access doors to make sure we provided adequate access and ventilation. The 12' x 21' enclosure was constructed from our Silent-Protector (Absorptive) sound barrier product with a set of full-width doors at one end.


Team effort ensures successful project outcome
Open communication with both Suez and SPF ensured a successful project outcome. Suez’ Director of Engineering worked closely with us to layout the barrier in conjunction with the nearby retaining wall for optimum acoustical and structural performance. 

generator-enclosure silent-proector-absorptive

Irminger Construction also collaborated on the design process to help keep the project within budget. This was a first time install for Irminger using our product, so our detailed drawings, installation guide and video helped familiarize them with our system.

Project at a glance:

Name: Quail Ridge Booster Station
Location: Boise, Idaho
Owner: Suez Water
Engineer: SPF Water Engineering 
Contractor: Irminger Construction
Product: Silent Protector (Absorptive) 
Application: Generator Enclosure for a Water Booster Station
Four-Sided Dimensions: Length 21', Width 12', Height 8'
Installation time: One week