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Innovative slab footings slip into shallow, narrow site along Highway 91 in Richmond, BC

March 8, 2018


A new Richmond neighbourhood bordered BC’s busy Highway 91 and an effective sound mitigation solution was needed. But, there were just two problems. The site, between the highway and a steep drop off to a parking lot below, was extremely narrow. And, it could only accommodate a 2' footing depth due to a buried membrane covering contaminated soils.


AIL Sound Walls partnered with MSE Precast to deliver a full turn-key package for the supply and install of the barrier using an innovative custom slab footing system. MSE Precast worked with Herold Engineering to design the sections, which were placed end-to-end in the prepared shallow trench.

Lightweight AIL Sound Walls were the only option
Traditional, heavier sound barrier systems would never have worked on this site. Only lightweight PVC AIL Sound Walls could be supported by the smallest possible footings that would fit in this very shallow and narrow area. Plus, lighter lifting equipment could be used to install the footings and posts, so no heavy cranes or road closures were required. The PVC panels are hand-installed.

narrow-foundation-for-sound-walls slab-footings-for-sound-walls

The AIL Sound Walls team worked with the contractor and the owner to ensure that all components were supplied in a staggered delivery sequence in lock-step with the wall construction. Both parties were pleased with the ease of installation of our product and its ability to meet the needs of the site. We look forward to collaborating on future turn-key offerings with MSE Precast.

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Project at a glance:

Project Name: Citimark Sound Barrier
Location: Richmond, British Columbia
Owner: Citimark 
Engineer: Herold Engineering 
Contractor: MSE Precast 
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) 
Application: Highway Sound Barrier for Residential Development
Dimensions: Length 356 m, Height 2 m
Installation time: Two weeks