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Georgia DOT and I-75 neighbors happy with Silent Protector solution for different reasons

March 8, 2013

A recent AIL Sound Walls installation along the I-75 at Macon, GA has all parties smiling.

1st absorptive wall for GDOT: lower installed cost, maintenance-free service

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is extremely happy with AIL Sound Walls. The longer panel lengths and lightweight modular assembly meant fewer post holes and less lifting equipment, compared to competitive systems. AIL’s innovative system is also made from durable PVC and is free of the maintenance hassles the GDOT has endured with many miles of older conventional walls. 

Neighbors: more attractive, more effective

Originally GDOT planned to have steel walls installed on both sides of the interstate. In consultation with the local community, they chose to install only one absorptive wall, significantly cutting costs. The highway’s neighbors are pleased because their new sound barrier wall is more attractive than its steel predecessor and because it actually absorbs unwanted noise instead of reflecting it back to the other side of the interstate.


Successful project earns additional contract

AIL Sound Walls design and engineering teams worked closely with our distributor (ArtUSA) and the walls sub-contractor (Tricor) to ensure schedules were met and the project went off without a hitch. The new wall varies in height between 10' (3 m) and 30' (9.1 m), and runs .75 miles (1.2 km) in length. With the success of this project, the GDOT is already requesting to use AIL Sound Walls on additional projects.




Project Name: GDOT Bibb County I-75 Sound Wall
Location: Macon, GA
Owner: Georgia Department of Transportation
Consultant: Fordham Civil Engineering
Contractor: Prince Construction – GC
Wall Sub-Contractor: Tricor
Type of Product/Application: Silent Protector (Tan), Transportation
Dimensions: Height 10' (3 m) - 30' (9.1 m), Length .75 miles (1.2 km)