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Lightweight, attractive AIL Sound Walls perfect for Florida development

May 25, 2016


A leading national homebuilder, M/I Homes, recently selected AIL Sound Walls for a sound barrier wall to protect residents of their new Creekwood Townhomes community from the unwanted noise emanating from the adjacent Interstate, near Bradenton, Florida. 

And they selected AIL Sound Walls over concrete for all the right reasons:

  • Easy to install: Our system was easy to install in their narrow working area near trees that they hoped to preserve.
  • Lightweight and flexible: Our system could adapt to the specific needs of Florida’s high water table and high wind loads.
  • Acoustic performance: The Sound Transmission Class 31 of our Tuf-Barrier reflective panels gave them the results they needed.
  • Durable, maintenance-free aesthetics: Our attractive PVC panels are available in a variety of colors and will withstand the elements for decades of service.

We developed a custom, shallow foundation system 
Florida’s high wind loads and the high water table at this site presented additional challenges for our engineering team to overcome. We worked closely with the owner and contractor to develop a shallow foundation system that was both cost-effective and structurally-sound enough to deal with both issues.

sound-barrier-walls sound-mitigation-solutions

We also worked with the owner to provide everything required for permitting by the County. Fast fabrication, production and delivery lead times kept their project on schedule and allowed them to start selling homes sooner.

We recently met with the owner and they are very happy with their finished barrier and its acoustic performance. It’s also received a lot of interest from passers-by, as it has an enhanced aesthetic over the concrete walls they usually see.

Project at a glance:

Name: M/I Homes - Creekwood Townhomes
Location: Bradenton, FL
Owner: M/I Homes  
Acoustical Engineer: Siebein Associates, Inc.   
Contractor: CRS Building Corp.  
Product: Tuf-Barrier (Reflective)
Application: Highway sound barrier for residential development
Dimensions: Height 14', Length 865'
Installation Time: Three weeks