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Equipment enclosures well worth their salt in CA desalination facility

March 27, 2015


Our recent project to design and supply five AIL Sound Wall equipment enclosures to a desalination plant in Cambria, CA, has been earning us kudos from neighbors and project partners alike.

The large machines that spray excess water into the air, allowing it to evaporate faster, were very noisy to the dismay of local residents. Once our Silent Protector (Absorptive) enclosures were in place their positive comments came filtering back to us. As did those of our customer, CDM Smith, who were as pleased with the community feedback as they were with our timely responses, quick turn-around and competitive pricing.

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All five barriers were installed in a week
The enclosures went in quite quickly, despite the remote location and some special requirements that came later in the project. We had to design a system that could be easily installed in an area that was difficult to access. In addition, a custom attachment was needed for our system to work with existing slabs. Our in-house Engineering Team worked with CDM Smith to develop the optimal design and attachment of our barrier. We also expedited design, production and shipping to meet their strict schedule.

About the facility
Because Cambria is so close to the ocean, their ground water is contaminated with salt water. This desalination facility filters the water, purifies it via reverse osmosis and then re-injects it farther inland into ground water that will feed local wells. The blower machines are actually misters, similar to snowmaking machines at a ski hill. They mist the excess water from the holding pond to make it evaporate quicker.


Project name: Cambria Emergency Water Supply 
Location: Cambria, CA 
Owner: City of Cambria   
Engineer/Contractor: CDM Smith  
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Silent-Protector (Absorptive)
Application: Equipment Surrounds
Dimensions: 12'6'' tall, back wall 13' wide, side walls 12'6'' wide