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End-to-end action has rink mechanical equipment ready for season

October 6, 2017

sound-barrier-enclosure-for-generator  generator-sound-barrier-wall

The Town of Grimsby, Ontario was hot on their outdoor ice rink, dubbed ‘The Friese Box’. However, the immediate neighbors were cool to the noise emanating from its generator and chiller equipment. So the Town got to work to find a solution.

The generator is located at the south end of the rink and the chillers at the north end — so two separate enclosures were required to keep the peace. A Silent Protector (Absorptive) System from AIL Sound Walls was picked for the project.

Unforeseen challenges during and after construction
The first challenge was unearthed when the contractor discovered a gas line while excavating for one of the generator enclosure’s columns. Quick action was required to come up with a solution. 

Secondly, an electrician found, post-construction, that he could no longer open the access panel on the chiller, due to the location of the wall. Again, a quick solution was needed to ensure the rink could open on schedule. 

Regarding the gas line discovery… 
We were able to work with the contractor to design a custom post and get its production expedited so that the project wasn’t delayed. This required quick action to get the post pushed through manufacturing and galvanizing and have it on site in a few days.

Regarding the chiller access issue…
In collaboration with our project partners, we designed a solution that worked for all parties. Drawings were completed, material was delivered and the modifications were completed before the scheduled seasonal start-up of the ice making equipment. 

sound-barrier-wall-for-generator  small-sound-barrier-wall-options

You might say that the project stayed in the ‘win’ column thanks to some end-to-end action, our engineering bench strength, a bit of overtime and all parties giving 110%. 

About ‘The Friese Box’
The popular outdoor community rink is named after local running legend and long-time Grimsby Parks and Recreation Department employee, Jerry Friesen, who passed away suddenly while running in 2011. 

Project at a glance:

Name: Grimsby Ice Rink Equipment Enclosures
Location: Grimsby, Ontario
Owner: Town of Grimsby 
Engineer: GHD 
Contractor: Peninsula Construction Inc. 
Product: Silent Protector (Absorptive) 
Application: Commercial, Ice Rink Chiller and Generator Enclosures
Approximate Enclosure Dimensions: 
Chiller: 4 m tall, U-shaped, 3 m x 7 m x 3 m
Generator: 3 m tall, L-shaped, 6 m x 6 m
Installation time: Two weeks

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