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City of Ottawa chooses AIL Sound Walls over concrete noise mitigation alternative

November 17, 2011

When City of Ottawa officials decided to increase their planned OC Transpo Articulated Bus Garage capacity from 192 buses to 252, they faced resistance from the neighbouring community.

Needed effective and economical sound absorption


To appease the neighbours, the City needed an effective and attractive sound barrier wall solution. To appease the budget, they needed an economical and maintenance-free one. AIL Sound Walls’ Silent Protector perforated vinyl sound barrier wall system satisfied on all fronts.

Easy to install without costly lifting equipment

Silent Protector sound walls offer excellent sound absorption and, unlike concrete systems, they’re quick and easy to install, without the need for lifting equipment. Things went so well on this job that the foreman joked that some of the crew should go for coffee. On the maintenance side, AIL Sound Walls are weatherproof and will not rust, rot, stain or deteriorate. And, down the road, should a panel ever need replacement, City crews can do it themselves.

Perfect tolerances for poor soil conditions

Another plus? Faced with poor soil conditions and difficult grades, AIL Sound Walls, also had the panel tolerances, incremental rail height flexibility and site-cutting options to handle the fluctuations. With these walls being so close to a high traffic area, they were installed on top of concrete “jersey barriers” for added protection and safety.

Interactive LED art installation to display on wall

The City commissioned a motion-activated LED lighting art installation, called TRANSPOtting to be mounted on the sound wall by the facility’s entrance. The lights are color-coordinated to bus routes and are activated when the respective buses pass by.


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