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AIL Sound Walls land at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

April 20, 2012

The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is well known to travellers who need to get places in a hurry. Located in the downtown core on Toronto Island, the airport falls under the jurisdiction of the Toronto Port Authority (TPA). Together, they work hard to ensure that they are good neighbours with the Island’s residents and its environment. Initiatives include the use of Bullfrog Power in all facilities, developing fish habitats and managing noise sources.

Noise management is an environmental commitment

Managing airport noise is a key part of the TPA’s commitment to the environment, with several studies commissioned and programs developed to make sure that the airport’s noise is mitigated. 

Environmentally-friendly AIL Sound Walls align with client’s positioning

Naturally, environmentally-friendly AIL Sound Walls were a good fit with the TPA on this project:

  • Highest percentage of recycled material
  • Minimized water consumption in manufacturing
  • Optimized shipping for reduced C02 emissions 
  • Supports LEED Points for Green Building

1332875529(250)Silent-Protector Absorptive Sound Walls keep the peace

Economical, lightweight and easy to install, AIL Sound Walls were selected to help mitigate noise from aircraft taxiing between the runway and the terminal. Using our Silent Protector Absorptive Sound Wall System, an 85 m long x 6 m high sound barrier was delivered and installed within 7 days, four of which were for the foundation work. The island site had poor foundation soils, so a continuous concrete (88 m x 2 m x 2 m) footing was poured to bolt the wall to. 

Close communication and AIL site assistance ensured the project’s success and the project manager was pleased with the outcome.


Project Name: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport  
Location: Toronto Island
Owner: Toronto Port Authority 
General Contractor: MN Dynamic Construction Ltd.
Subcontractor: Powell Contracting
Type of Product / Application: Silent Protector / Aircraft Noise
Dimensions: Length 85 m; Height 6 m 
Installation time (start to finish): 7 days total (4 days for foundation work, 3 days for wall erection) 


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