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AIL Sound Walls integrate with hospital’s existing roof structures

October 10, 2014

Sound Walls 1

Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, CA, is a perfect example of how AIL Sound Walls can seamlessly integrate into existing metal visual screens and parapet openings without adding substantial weight or changing the look of the building. 

Three different Silent Protector (Absorptive) sound barriers were needed to mitigate mechanical equipment noise on various roof levels. The lighter weight of AIL Sound Walls, allowed them to mount onto the existing visual screens or parapet openings and easily stay within rooftop load restrictions.

…and good looking
Because AIL Sound Walls are available in a variety of neutral colors, they were able to blend in with the two different finishes in various parts of the building.

Sound Walls 3   Sound Walls 4

The architect and their structural engineer were initially concerned about the additional loads a sound barrier would apply to the building’s framing, which was not designed to carry it. However, with our lightweight Silent Protector panels, they were able to comfortably design an effective barrier that did not impact it structurally.

Great lengths on versatility
There were also a number of different dimensions we had to meet working with existing structures. We were able to use a variety of our 8', 10', 12' and 14' panels to make the barriers work as effectively as possible and expedite the installation.

A shout out
Special thanks to our long-standing acoustical engineering partners at Thorburn & Associates, for referring us for this project.

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Project Name: Sequoia Hospital Roof-Top Pavilion
Location: Redwood City, CA 
Owner: Catholic Healthcare West / Dignity Health 
Architect: Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc.  
Acoustical Engineer: Thorburn Associates  
Subcontractor: Romak Iron Works 
General Contractor: Hunt Construction Group 
Product: Silent Protector (Absorptive)
Application: Roof Top Mechanical Sound Barriers 
Dimensions: Various, three separate structures
Installation Time: One week