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AIL Sound Walls pop up around yet another Wal-Mart project

October 30, 2015


Impressed with our track record on previous sound barriers for several Wal-Marts, the developer and engineer on this Wilmington, NC project also chose AIL Sound Walls for its perimeter barrier along a residential neighborhood. They knew that Wal-Mart had issues with concrete and metal walls failing in the past and now preferred a synthetic, maintenance-free and long-lasting barrier system like ours.

Wanting to be a good neighbor, Wal-Mart had pushed for a sound barrier around their 24-7 super store from the outset. We worked closely with the developer and engineer to provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing sound barrier that both Wal-Mart and the local residents would be happy with. 


We assisted the engineer on the front end of the project to detail the foundations so the project was properly bid from the outset. At the contractor’s request, we designed a direct-bury install to increase their installation speed and keep the project on schedule and under budget.

Design flexibility is built in
Coastal North Carolina is prone to hurricanes, so we built-in suitable reinforcement for that inevitability. We also integrated two sets of large double gates into the 580' barrier. Because our panels are so lightweight, doors and gates like these can be made from the same material for a consistent look with the overall wall.


The wall has been installed for nearly a year now, with dozens of trucks using the rear cargo bays day and night, and they've yet to receive any noise complaints from the local residents.


Project name: Bayshore Commons, Wal-Mart Sound Barrier
Location: Wilmington, NC
Owner: Paramount Development Corporation, Wal-Mart    
Engineer: Gray Engineering Consultants    
Contractor: Tricor Construction   
Product: AIL Sound Walls, Tuf-Barrier (Reflective)
Application: Commercial Perimeter Barrier
Dimensions: 10' tall, 580' long
Installation time: Two weeks

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